Quintanar de la Sierra


Quintanar de la Sierra is a rich administrative centre belonging to a mountain region known as “Tierra de Pinares”; that is to say, “Land of Pines”, which is probably the reason why the town is nicknamed the Coast of Oxygen. Its most important buildings are as follows: the church of San Cristóbal, which was built in the year 1630 on top of an old Visigoth temple, and the chapel of Nuestra Señora de la Guía.

However, the artistic heritage of Quintanar de la Sierra is known for another reason. It is famous because of its complex of late-medieval necropolis and hermitages, which are situated in close proximity to the town. At the town’s exit, in the road to Neila, there is a signposted forest road. After three kilometres, the road runs into the town and the necropolis of Cuyacabras.

You have to walk into the town and the thick pine and oak forest in order to get to see this amazing archeological site. Its 166 anthropomorphic tombs and its 13 niches, which are carved on the surface of the rock, together with the remains of the church, provide this site with a magical and startling atmosphere.

The forest Adventure Park “De Pino a Pino” is situated in the surrounding area. This forest adventure thematic park has a series of different high-level routes, with lianas, zip-lines and passages between trees. The fact that it offers a vast route places the park in the second place as far as multi-adventure parks in Spain is concerned.